Monday, September 29, 2014

Same domain, completely different sites - how come?

KFMA - is a radio station here in Austin. As I just listened to some music, and wanted to learn what it was, I tried to access their site.

1. in chrome - result is a redirect to this, same result for

So far, so good - or not, because that does not look like the radio station.

Thinking my memory might have tricked me, I google and see this, with big surprise, because that's what I typed and got the Korean site. How come?

I click through, and get this result - the site I wanted to see.

Funny, though, that's the url that I used earlier, which forwarded me to the other site, but this time, coming from Google it works.

How is that possible? Wrong entry in some DNS? And why is Google sending me to the 'right' site, and not to the Korean? Do they actually use IP addresses rather than domains?


  1. The top page is kFma, the bottom is kMfa :-)

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAh. Snoozer me. You're right. And when I type it into Google, it actually tells me " Showing results for kmfa classical austin
    Search instead for kfma classi".
    No wonder, no miracle :-|



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