Monday, October 13, 2014

AWK - simple counter of yes / no in tables

Counting yes or no in a table (or replace with what you need to count)

For a project I write data into a tab delimited table, urls and properties of the pages under the urls. Using the script over and over, I wanted to make the counting at the end a bit more efficient, and added below lines to the script generating the table.

This is how the call and result look like:

And this is how it is set up:
In the BEGIN section the counters are set, set to zero. Then in the body it counts three parameters up, if the according field contains 'yes'. In the END section it prints the number of lines minus one for the header column, then the name and value of each counter. And last, as standalone script, $1 is the file scanned - which, if added to the tab generating script is just replaced with the filename into which the table is written.

awk 'BEGIN {counttitle = 0; countpub = 0; countschema = 0 } ( $2 == "yes" ) { counttitle++ } ( $3 == "yes" ) { countpub++ } ( $4 == "yes" ) {countschema++ } END {print "number of lines: "NR-1, "og:title: "counttitle, "rel publisher: "countpub, "schema: "countschema} ' $1

Should be easy to adjust for re-use!

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