Monday, April 17, 2017

New top 1 million websites list

Large lists of websites:

Alexa 1 million

Alexa's list of the top 1 million sites has helped me many times to run larger scans over homepages and others on the top sites, compare setup and speed depending on how er a traffic a site gets and similar.

Now, Alexa has officially been discontinued as far as I know, although the file is available (right now at least).
As it is based on browser plugins to track visits, it might have a different mix than the newer OpenDNS list.

OpenDNS 1 Million

This one is based on over 100 Billion DNS requests per day,  not limited to http/https requests .. but perhaps read the details for yourself.
And even older versions are available, kind of asking to use this for time series.

MajesticSeo 1 Million

Majestic 1 Million - another company seeing the potential of the list, and publishing the list, but not maintaining... or do they? Unclear if it is maintained, unclear when the last update happened, but seems a good list with a nice web interface, too.

Quantcast 1 Million

This is around since a while, but it's unclear if it is regularly maintained, and how exactly it is generated. But it works very similar to Alexa, which makes it a convenient alternative. Here's the page linking to the download, but testing just now, that's not available anymore, but this link is working (zip) as of today.

Statvoo 1 Million

Another offer that seems new - and like Alexa, on the site there is a very nice categorization, but the samples are tiny, 20 sites, and no download options for these - but for the top 1 Million.

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