Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rackspace blog - ripples, likes, shares, comments

Rackspace this time in the focus. How does the Rackspace blog do in Facebook comments, likes and shares? Pretty ok, I would say, as well as they do with ripples. It is not the industry blog like moz with the public shares we can see there, but still pretty good numbers for a company blog, quite in the range of the coveted Moz guest post blog .

Again used these scripts to get Facebook data, this to get the Google ripples.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Google Chrome the memory hog

Google is going "Microsoft"?

Browser history has its sad moments: 
Many years ago, everyone called out IE / internet explorer how horrible it was in matters memory usage, similarly with Firefox at some time. And now it seems to be Chrome to get the memory hog award! And now, just 4 or 5 tabs open, the rest are apps I guess. 


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Moz Guest blogging - not just great for shares on Google Plus, but also on Facebook

As shown in earlier post - guest blogging on works really well. And it works well for the guest bloggers as well as for moz - getting all the link love, attention, traffic.

In the earlier posts I show the public Google Plus shares for the User generated content blog - and also for the company generated blog. This time I checked for Facebook comments, shares and likes, with the small script here to pull the data fresh from the public Facebook api.

This is the number of Facebook comments, facebook shares and facebook likes for the guest blog posts on moz (based on the sitemap for user generated content).

This hints at two things:

  1. SEO's really are into Google plus (no big surprise)
  2. The moz strategy works even for other social media, which in turn might be a good signal for google: not showing just on one social site, but on several.

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