Monday, January 27, 2014

Guest blogging on Good location to get ripples

Last week I checked the company blog of for ripples, with truly astounding numbers. This week I decided to check on their user generated content - you find it at

First, I pulled all urls from the sitemap , then again used the ripple script to get the number of ripples = public shares per url. Each url stands for a blog guest post. 

The results are impressive again - user generated content on 1708 posts generates 1251 ripples, with the top posts having 73 and 56 ripples.

The top post "" author +Samuel Scott currently is in 222 people's circles on G+ currently, and I doubt there are many other places, if any, where he could have gotten as many shares as here (nor would I or many others, just to be clear).

Again - moz is a great place for seo content, and this narrow focus now on inbound marketing is highly beneficial for readers, for writers, and for the company.
Imagine to add 1251 ripples to YOUR site with guest blogging! 

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