Monday, February 16, 2015

Google Sitespeed Score and Rank

While Matt Cutts mentioned that site speed only affects a small percentage of sites in their rankings - running one of the largest sites this is worth a second look. Due to the millions of pages, speed might be especially critical for rank - or at least for indexation.

Sitespeed is not sitespeed score, but a relatively 'neutral' way to measure speed related performance.

What to do? First, I selected pages across site, some 2500 pages to have a nice sample. Then I pulled the average rank for each of these pages from seoclarity(.net). And combined this with the speedscore from my script
As a last step imported this table into Excel and ... scatterplot! Vertical is the ranking position, and x-axis is the speedscore. At first sight, this would indicate that with increasing speed score pages rank worse, but overall I would say this means there is no correlation at all (0.09),  and the variance is way too big to use this to calculate a trend. 

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