Monday, December 23, 2013

Download files on one page with wget - define the type

Something I rarely do - but now I had to: Download a bunch of .ogg files. I am exploring some sound capabilities of my system, and found the system sounds in /usr/share/sounds/.

Naja, not very special - so I started searching in google for 'free sound download filetype;ogg' and similar, and found a few nice sites like

So, I downloaded 2-3 wavs, and oh, my, that takes time. So, here's my little script:

wget -r -l2 --user-agent Mozilla -nd -A.wav "" -P download
for file in download/*.wav ; do echo "$file" && paplay "$file"; done

Using wget with r for recursive, -nd -P to not rebuild the directory structure (thisis 4 levels down) and then -P download to download into the subfolder download. -A.wav,.ogg only downloads wav and ogg files, and -l1 (one level recursive) for just this page and the files linked from it. Changing this can lead to huge download times and sizes, so careful.

Once done, the last line just echos each filename and then plays it. (paplay for my system, if that does not result in anything perhaps 'aplay' works).

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