Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Obamacare": Public shares of on Google Plus

Shares to the public on Google plus are named 'ripples', and they show how often and which ways a post has been shared.

A while ago I made a little script to get the number of ripples for a list of urls, and showed how to use it with Alexa top results (here).
Now, while that was entertaining, I wondered if I can learn something, and the Obama administration has a bit of a reputation to be tech-savvy.

I checked - no sitemap. So, next 'popular topic' that came to mind was 'Obamacare', so I pulled the sitemap from (yes, they have one). And then I ran the little script.

At time of testing (Dec 11, 2013) had 612 urls in the sitemap. Only 4 of these pages have been shared publicly on G+, with a pretty good number on the homepage.

While 800 plus is far from and with 7000+ shares, has only 5 public shares from what I can see, and has only 138.

PLEASE: focus on comments around SEO, not politics or healthcare. While these topics are more important overall than any seo or Google plus, for this post they are off topic.

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