Friday, May 29, 2009

Wave might become the outlook and exchange killer, portal challenge

Google announced the communication platform wave. According to this article from Cnet, Google will open up the possibility to run servers decentrally. A company could actually run a wave server inside a firewall and connect to the 'wavenet' of google (or not).
(Did I just coin the term 'wavenet'? Will this article be cited in coming centuries?-)

Now let me just run some ideas on this post to imagine what could happen:

This wave might wash the exchange - outlook combination away
With the internal combination wave client and wave server a company or organization could substitute exchange servers and outlook, internal blogging, social media tools and Microsoft office or other office packages. Integrating Gmail, google docs and a social media and microblogging with their performance, ease of use and online and offline integration will give Microsoft a hard time. The integration of docs and sites is nice already, picasa might become part of the set too. What else do you need for 80% of what you are doing? Just some special applications for geeks like me, but they might become integrated too, so it is easier to share.

Microsoft is still just reacting, not acting
IMHO, Microsoft is still lagging years behind with the integration, and although all single tools are much more powerful in many aspects, integration and collaboration are not easy. The two aces Microsoft owns, the power of the applications and that users privacy and copyright seem better protected, are not played in this game or don't weigh enough.

How about financing? Will company waves be part of ad-networks?
I am curious if the internal wave servers will be free for use, if companies agree to be part of the Ad- network. This would be very interesting for B2C, but an even bigger leap for B2B.

Some interesting uses popping up in my head, how about advertising for a restaurant close to the location, car insurance with a price reduction, or - not very nice - job ads at a competitors wave.

Next step - enterprise employee portal software washed away by Google wave
Just combine the wave server with an internal Google search server, add a nice API library to integrate some company specific information easily and wave will become a portal software killer too, at least in companies up to a certain size, which cannot afford the classical tools or their implementation.

And the possible scenarios become even more impressive, when I imagine that a company builds a network of specific waves. Another interesting deveopment would be if a company starts a wave at a higher hierarchy level and builds a network with connected companies like carmaker, parts manufacturer, unions, car dealerships and so on.

Datamining next level with Google wave
How about diving? Diving could be some datamining on waves. Compare posts on various platforms. Depict communicating patterns and locate communicative hubs with 'the magic wheel'. Endless.

And what will people make out of wave?
Messages or viruses riding on the wave? People surfing a wave instead of tweeting? Does dropping a message become a new meaning?

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