Monday, May 18, 2009

News and media sector likely to shrink and focus

TV, radio, newspapers, all need to go digital to compensate for advertisement revenue losses. And all will try to be a dominant player national, local or in a topic.
Folks, that might get tight in some spots! I see quite some competition, with a lot of downsizing in many areas. I guess TV will loose most as they have the biggest revenues right now and prices are the opposite of online prices.

There is a good side for marketers, falling ad prices. And targeted marketing should become better then ever with a lot of truly specialized platforms.

Now we just need a platform so marketers can easily compare the offers of various platforms for
  • target group
  • reach
  • variety of contact points (aka media types involved)
  • covered topics
  • local targeting
  • advertisement rates
Yes, I know about x-media marketing platforms, but I have not seen the last point - prices of ads - in there. The closest to this from what I have seen comes Google with adsense, but especially the integration of various advertisement networks would be interesting. (If you are going to build this, let me help you market it!-)

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