Monday, April 13, 2015

Documentation - where did I store that little script?

Goodness gracious me. I recall that I did this, I cannot just type it again - not doing that often - so HOW do I find that script?

How do you find your little scripts?

Ok, good folder structure, naming convention, all fine, but it still is hard. Is it in the sitespeed folder or the sitemap folder? The test folder, perhaps? Did I spell it this way?
Most scripts here are for 'few-times' use, build to come up with a quick insight, a starting point or some scaling information to build a business case. The scripts are quick and manifold, with many different variations.

Every now and then I recall a script I'd like to re-use, and then struggle to find the right script. Working across several computers is a challenge, here. Git - too big, had some security issues, and too steep a learning curve for these one-liners.

I used this blog, then, as a repository, and to find the scripts (with a  search) plus Google drive for a small part of the repository. Works, but still missing info.

Documentation script

But I am using #comments quite a lot even in these short bash scripts, so I will now extend that, and use this:

find . -name "*.sh" -exec echo -e "{}\n" \; -exec  grep "^#" {} \; -exec echo -e "\n\n" \;

this pulls the script name and path, then an empty line, then all the comments, then two lines to separate from the next script. Not pretty, but works. Now I need to document a bit better :-)

How do you sort, document and find your little scripts?

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