Monday, January 5, 2015

Alexa top 10,000: Google sitespeed score data and graphs

Pagespeed score correlates pretty strongly with the position on the alexa top million list - for the first top 1000 urls bracket, compared to the next 9000.
Generated with this script calling the google pagespeed api.

Using this script to get the pagespeed scores, and then using this little script to get the average per 1000 urls (filtering out the zeros):
awk -v counter="$2" '{sum += $3} (NR%counter!="0") {partsum += $3 ; if($3==0) zerocounter+=1} ( NR%counter=="0") { print "zeroes: "zerocounter, "partial sum: "partsum, "partial avg: " partsum/(counter-zerocounter); partsum = 0 ; totalzeroes+=zerocounter ;zerocounter=0;calccounter+=1} END {print "number of lines: "NR, "total sum: "sum, "total average: "sum/NR; print "number of calculations: "calccounter;print "lines missed: "NR%counter; print "lines no value: "totalzeroes} ' $1 

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