Monday, April 28, 2014

Moz' post on 'the greatest misconception in content marketing'

Rand Fishkin from knows what he is talking about, and here is the proof for everyone to see. (Disclaimer - I read the transcript)

Let's cite a few core items from Rand, talking about what people and companies do wrong when using blogs for their content strategy:

"So they do a few things that are really dumb. They don't take this piece of content and put links to potentially relevant stuff on their site inside there, and they don't internally link to it well either. So they've almost orphaned off a lot of these content pieces.
You can see many people who've orphaned their blog from their main site, which of course is terrible. They'll put them on subdomains or separate root domains so that none of the link authority is shared between those.
They don't think about sharing through Google+ or building an audience with Google+, which can really help with the personalization. Nor do they think about using keywords wisely. "

So true, and in the past weeks I have found that Moz' strategy really works out well. I have compared several company blogs and news sites ( multiple blogs in magazine form) on how the content performs in social media engagement - sharing on Google Plus, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin. 

Then I took the numbers and calculated a 'social share per piece of content'. Now guess who's the blue line?

Exactly, that's Moz' company blog. Rand and his team are doing it right, as far as anyone can see from the outside. 
The numbers are impressive:

The second from last row is the moz blog, the other rows are big company content sites. The last row is not integrated into the graph - someone is likely using automation to push their results, as explained here. 

I cannot agree more with the Moz article on:
  1. Link from and especially towards the blogposts
  2. integrate the content blog into the on site area for this content (we call it a 'hub')
  3. Engage on Google Plus around this content, constantly. 

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