Thursday, March 11, 2010

Google Maps, Mobile and Real Estate

One of the more obvious ways to use Google Maps on mobile or on a pc: Scan real estate databases, connect it with streetview, maps, photos, videos and you can add huge value for users.

Now Google just needs to add a way to select categories and properties for real estate. Show real estate, give a distance to a given point (your job location), add a price range and minimum room requirements as filters. Then take a look on a Google map what qualifies for this selection. Check how it looks like. See the surrounding areas. Check out traffic to your job. See if there are bike-ways. Search for restaurants and parks, shopping areas and whatever you like. All on one map.

Mobile Tracking
And if you allow Google to track your location while driving (Google latitude, works already) they can alert you when you are moving around town with your cellphone. You might hear a beep because you will pass a house that fits your criteria in a moment.

This has huge potential and combined with some free, seller / interest based real estate database instead of agents databases will be a huge threat to real estate agents and brokers.

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