Thursday, December 14, 2017

Google A/B Testing tool on homepages

Are sites using Google's A/B testing tool?

After running the 'A/B or multivariate testing' test on a few thousand homepages with the 'mbox', now the same test with Google's testing tool (and the same list of spam domains used to test).

According to Google's documentation, the typical element on a page would be 'Google Experiment' on a page that's being tested or a control.

The result of only 4 spam sites using Google A/B testing is quite a small number - the google tool seems much less used than mboxes - at least on homepages, according to this very limited sample of domains. 

All 4 domains show the same result for all user agents, as tested earlier on other domains. Not really a big surprise that sites that use Google A/B tool comply with Google SEO requirement regarding cloaking. 

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