Monday, June 2, 2014

Big social platform shares - added Stumble Upon likes, shares, lists

And another script to check for social shares...this time more details around stumble upon (no, not really active there, anymore, although it has led me to a few outstanding sites).  The older version of this script pulls stumble data, but this shows pageviews from stumblers, not amplification through stumble activities. So this was mixing traffic data with engagement data - fixed now.

The data for stumble is pulled in two steps - first get the badge ID for the url, and with that pull the data (likes, shares, lists) for it. They all go into just one variable below, tab delimited, and then per echo into the larger list. That's why there are not 3 fields immediately visible when adding the data, but just seemingly one.

echo -e "Url\tripples\tFB-comments\tFB-shares\tFB-likes\ttwitter\tlinkedin\tstumble_likes\tstumble_shares\tstumble_lists" > "${1}-all-social-shares".csv
while read -r shortline ;
This line is to replace special characters with their html encoding...
line=$(echo $shortline | sed -e 's/\?/\%3F/g' -e 's/&/\%26/g' -e 's/#/\%23/g')
ripples=$(wget -qO- "${gpull}" | grep -o "[0-9]*\s*public\s*shares.<" | sed "s/[^0-9]//g"  | tr "\n" "\t" | sed 's/\thttp/\nhttp/g'| sed 's/\t//')
comment_count=`wget -qO- $commentpull | sed -e 's/^.*://g' -e 's/\}//g' -e 's/\(]\)//g'`
echo "comment count: " $comment_count
share_count=`wget -qO- $sharepull | sed -e 's/^.*://g' -e 's/\}//g' -e 's/\(]\)//g'`
echo "share count: " $share_count
like_count=`wget -qO- $likepull | sed -e 's/^.*://g' -e 's/\}//g' -e 's/\(]\)//g'`
echo "like count: " $like_count
twitternumber=$(wget -qO- "${twitterpull}"  | grep -o 'count\":[0-9]*\,' | sed -e 's/count//g' -e 's/,//g' -e 's/://g' -e 's/"//g' )
echo "twitter: " $twitternumber
linkedpull="${line}" #echo ${linkedpull}
linkednumber=$(wget -qO- "${linkedpull}" | grep -o 'count\":[0-9]*\,' | sed -e 's/count//g' -e 's/,//g' -e 's/://g' -e 's/"//g' )
echo "linkedin count: " $linkednumber
stumblepull=`wget -qO- "${line}" | grep -o "publicid.*views" | sed -e "s/publicid//" -e "s/\":\"//" -e "s/\",\"views//"`echo $stumblepullstumblenumber=$(wget -qO- "${stumblepull}" | grep "mark>" | sed -e "s/^.*\">//" -e "s/<.*$//" -e "2d" -e "4d" -e "6d" | tr "\n" "\t")

echo -e "${line}\t${ripples}\t${comment_count}\t${share_count}\t${like_count}\t${twitternumber}\t${linkednumber}\t${stumblenumber}" >> "${1}-all-social-shares".csv
done < $1 
cat -A "${1}-all-social-shares".csv

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