Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tools for Technical SEO - little helpers

While analyzing performance and natural search performance, lots of tools can be used. We use seoclarity, majesticseo, adobe analytics, moz,  and many more enterprise metrics tools at Dell. 

Still, as you can see on this blog, not everything can be done comfortably with these, sometimes the setup is too cumbersome or slow or costly, sometimes it would require too many tweaks, and sometimes its just not possible to get what we need.

So, here is the list of little helpers, the tools I mainly use to analyse things for technical aspects of seo.
  •  Httpfox, Fiddler2 – pageload, coding, caching, errors, http response codes
  • Screaming frog – elements on page (title, redirects, meta description, keywords etc.)
  • Source code view in chrome, IE, FF for title, meta, header elements, check if copy is in source code
  • Developer tools in chrome ( Ctrl + shift + J ) –  for speed (new) , source code, various items
    • Do NOT use chrome developer tools to check if content is in source code (not accurate) (also not usable for this particular aspect - right click ‘inspect element’)
  • Accessibility checkers – required under some federal law regulations, likely will hear a lot more about this as a certified fed vendor. BUT it is also great to check for SEO, if accessible = 95% accessible for SEO spiders
  • And then ad hoc tools we use rarely (and many times research to solve a particular task)
  • ADDE, which is an Accenture site scan tool - a large scale tool offering similar insight like screaming frog, xenu etc, moz, just running on a bunch of internal servers allowing in depth access and analysis (entry added Nov 13, '13)
So, now it's up to you: which tools for tech analysis are we missing, and what can they help with?

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