Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Google Navigation and Microsoft Bing


Google seems to have realized, that some color and a decent menu might actually increase usability! First the options in the left menu are hidden, on this picture they are shown. And under this Google shows some filter for images, being in image search right now.

While many of these filters and categories where available since quite some time, I appreciate the ease of use - quite similar to Bing. (Yes, I think Bing was better for some time in these aspects.)

But take a closer look at the left menu: filter by picture type (any, face, photo, clipart, line drawing) and the color selection. This is SO AWESOME! I have seen color and shape selectors beforehand for, so this is not too advanced, but for image searches this is extremely helpful!

I guess the next step are shapes, and after that I hope to be able to text search these options: search for "oval face green background" or "face andreas.wpv" or "circle drawing picasso".

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