Friday, September 25, 2009

missing part in Google Sidewiki (google toolbar)

There is huge potential in this, but I think there are essential features missing.

As a webmaster for several sites, I need the comments in a format to download. Guess, I have 1MM visitors on a page per month, and several hundreds of pages. Can I handle this and sort out reasonable requests or ideas to change? Only if I can get that somewhat different, i.e. in a google.doc spreadsheet or per api. Api is better for bigger companies, spreadsheet for smaller companies and non-techie private sites.

A bulleted list with certain criteria might be reasonable (trustworthy / usable / authentic / original content / etc...) as well as a search through comments.

Sorting the comments would be very helpful too, by verified / not verified user, by classification of the comment perhaps (criticism, praise, change request, enhancement, ...).

If this just stays as it is online now, I don't think it will be very helpful for improving user experience or customer experience via feedback. And commenting might be nice, but should we not try to improve?

in reference to: Google Sidewiki (view on Google Sidewiki)

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